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  It may seem strange to have a domain home page with only a single link on it. Before top level domain DOT INFO came out in 2001 I had been thinking that maybe I wanted my own domain. It was not a "strong" desire, and I was not a business and did not want a DOT COM, though that is how personal personal domains were done. When DOT INFO did come out my excuse to myself was gone. was held by a scalper Maybe because of a Deputy International Grand Master of Rite of Memphis-Misraim who died in 1913, or a very small town in Canada. I would not have thought it worth scalping, but they did. The domain name is available now. And adding mine, my wife's and my sons' first initials is more logical. BTW my wife's first initial is actually "Ş", not "S". Domain names are ASCII based, and "Ş" is not on my keyboard.

  Back then, I had a couple sections other than just Dale's Notebook, a section for my older son, and all four of us had e-mail addresses. Kids grow, some info goes out-of-date, the wife uses e-mail from "free" service (though we're still married). So I'm down to one section and my e-mail. I could move everything up one layer. That would be inconvenient should I need a new section later. When I post a link somewhere, I put it to exact page. As far as I know, nodody "drills down" from here.

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