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  Let me introduce myself.  I am Dale Yarker, a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant, currently working in Iraq.  Lived and worked in Turkey for over 20 years; while active duty, and as a contractor since retirement.  If you're curious to see if our paths have ever crossed go to When/Where in the Personal Section.  I'm also listed at www.classmates.com.

  The purpose of this site is my own enjoyment and to learn the practical side of web publishing.  Also, the effort I put in creating the technical pages and answering questions is my way of paying back the help I've received over the web.  I'll appologize in advance for incomplete pages and my slowness at adding new material.  After dealing with computers all day, I often don't feel like spending the evening at the keyboard as well.  One way to speed things up is to ask a question.  Having a definite subject to write about, and someone waiting for an answer helps.  No promises, and if I don't know I'll say so.

  "TekStuff" is intended as the useful section that most visitors (other than my family and friends) will be interested in.  But, feel free to look were ever you want.

  The idea for the notebook format came to me when I stumbled across the wire ring and light blue line background graphic.  Perfect for this place.  Sections to keep separate topics in.  Just paste in interesting stuff, make quick notes in some places, and full explanations in others.  This is also the reason for mixture of fonts.  In a real notebook you sometimes use a black pen, sometimes blue, sometimes a pencil is the only thing at hand.

  Welcome to my site, thank you for visiting, and enjoy, first name signature