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  A collection of technical information and hints on computer and general electronics subjects.  I may include some comments on theory, but will try not to include any mathematics.  The discussion will be mostly practical.  If you want the details on how something works, please find a text book or someone else's web page.  Please e-mail me at if you find an error, have a question,want to contribute, or suggest a topic.
  I am question driven.  If you find that the page you want is under construction, or incomplete, then ASK!  Even if the subject isn't mentioned here,
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young excitable person who may mature into a Nerd or Geek
a clever programmer
technically bright but socially inept person
A point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere.
In some field sports, the player who holds the middle position on the field, court, or forward line.
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