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First time visitors, please at least scan my Intro Page.  You'll find my introduction and goals for this site, a more detailed description of the sections, and links to pages not accessed via the tabs.

  TekStuff is where I give information about electronics, telecommunications, computing, and more.  If you don't find what you're looking for, ask!


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  1. Front Section
    1. Cover/Contents (this page) On-line doh!
    2. Edition Notice / Copyright Page
    3. Intro Page On-line
  2. TekStuff Index
    1. About On-line
      1. AC Power For Everyone - Keep yourself, family and appliances safe! Things everyone who uses an electrical appliance should know. Plus, important information for those who move between 110 Volt areas (mostly North America) and 220 Volt areas (most of the rest of the world).
      2. Slide Rules On-line Probably only historical interest.
      3. Encryption And Random On-line
      4. Networking
    2. Howto
      1. Cables
        1. Make RJ Connector Cables
        2. Cat 5 Cable
        3. Flat Cable
        4. ISDN TA to Switch
      2. HTML
        1. About Printer Friendly Pages
        2. HTML Forms and CGI E-Mailer
        3. My Adventures In Making Web Pages
      3. DC Power On Signal Lines
    3. Software (reserved)
  3. Personal Section
    1. When/Where
    2. Hobbies
    3. My thoughts on SETI@home
    4. Humor Pages
      1. Eye Test
      2. Little Johnny
      3. Little Suzuki
  4. Appendices
  5. Back Section
    1. E-Mail Etiquette
    2. Legalities - copyright, privacy, trademark, etc.
    3. GNU General Public License
    1. Inside Back Cover (reserved)
    2. Back Cover

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